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Welcome to American Weather & Earth Sciences

Specialized Weather Forecasts for:

Numerous  Major  Feature  Films  made  in  the  U.S.  and  Overseas

Numerous  Television  Shows,  Pilots,  and  Commercials

  -  along with  -

The Academy Awards    Screen Actors' Guild Awards    Super Bowl   

Presidential  Inauguration     Boston  Pops  Fourth  of  July    

New York Times Square New Year's Eve    Miss America Pageant

Democratic  National  Convention     Rose  Parade     Rose  Bowl

BCS Football Championship    NFL Kickoff    Other major sports events

 -  plus  -

Roofing  and  Construction     Paving  and  Grading     Excavation

Agriculture    Wineries    Power companies    Flood Control Districts

Water  and  Irrigation  Districts    and    Many  Other  Applications  


American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC provides a considerable variety of meteorological, climatic, hydrologic, and entomological services, including:

Specialized, Customized Weather Forecasts, provided by Philip K. Barone, B.A., for the film profession, major media events and sports events, roofing and construction companies, excavation, grading, paving, concrete, painting, landscaping, farming / agriculture, wineries, flood control and water districts, irrigation districts, power companies, municipalities, law enforcement, RV associations, and a great variety of other applications.  

Seasonal and Multi-Seasonal Weather Outlooks, provided by Philip K. Barone, B.A. and other American Weather weather outlook specialists.

Offering:  Specialized weather forecasts and long-range (from monthly to multi-year) computer-modeled weather outlooks to insurance companies and to major renewable energy, engineering, environmental, agriculture, mining, and ocean water desalination projects, plus construction mega-projects around the world.  [Call (800) 843-7246.]

Weather and Flood Alerts and Warnings for a great variety of applications.

Certified Weather Observers for numerous outdoor activities, including film production, along with documentation of meteorological observations for weather insurance.

Forensic Discovery and Expert Testimony in the fields of meteorology, climatology, hydrology, entomology, geology, and other sciences and engineering by our Associated Science Experts.

We also offer quality controlled GIS (Geographic Information System) - Capable  Environmental Data, plus Exhibit-Quality Graphing, Mapping, Modeling, and Animation.

Our expert witness testimony nearly always convinces attorneys, judges, and  juries!  

For more details of these services, click on the topics in the bar at the top of this page. 

Our rates are reasonable and competitive, and we offer discounts for large-volume business.


For more information about these services and other programs:

Telephone:  American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC  (800) 843-7246  or  (760) 684-5761

FAX:  (760) 868-0906


Contract, billing, and payment address:      

Philip K. Barone

P. O. Box 720252

Piňon Hills, CA  92372-0252.


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