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Weather Forecasts and Outlooks

Providers of weather forecast support to:

   The Academy Awards                The Super Bowl                             Disneyland California Adventure                The Presidential Inauguration

   The Daytime Emmys                         The Rose Parade                    Disneyland Entertainment & Events            The Democratic National Convention

   Screen Actors Guild Awards       The Rose Bowl                        Walt Disney World                                       NFL Thanksgiving Halftime

    Science Technology Awards      Other College Bowls               Epcot Theme Park                                          New York Times Square New Year's Eve

    BCS Championship Game          The NFL Kickoffs                     Las Vegas Motor Speedway                        The Kennedy Centre Honors

    The Poinsettia Bowl                    Boston 4th of July                   Miss America Pageant                                 Christmas in Washington

    as well as a southern Louisiana fishing tournament, The Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic

plus numerous major feature films - produced abroad, such as:

   Rambo  IV (Thailand)                                                                         Vantage Point  (Mexico)

   The Incredible Hulk  (Brazil)                                                                Narnia: The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe  (Czech Republic and Poland)

   Narnia: Prince Caspian  (Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovenia)      Hidalgo  (Morocco)

   Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Tree  (Czech Republic, Poland)              The Matador  (Mexico)

   Beverly Hills Chihuahua  (Mexico)                                                      The  Life of Pi (Taiwan and India)

   The Dark Fields  (Mexico)                                                              

in addition to many films produced in the United States, including:

   Get Low                                      Seabiscuit                                   The Rookie                                    Cheer Up

   Fireflies in the Garden                 Collateral                                     Double Jeopardy                           Stuart Little

   The Game Plan                            The Scorpion King                      The Alamo                                     The Truman Show

   Superman:  Man of Steel              Brothers and Sisters                    Blue Moon                

plus the television series True Blood, Hung, Magic City, and True Detective, plus various television pilots, including Bird Dog.

and many other feature films, television shows, commercials, and major media events, plus specialized daily forecasts and seasonal outlooks for Syndicate Photos Production, Browning Ferris Industries, roofing and construction companies, paving and grading companies, concrete and excavating companies, wineries, and agriculture.


American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC provides a wide variety of specialized weather forecasts, long-range and seasonal weather outlooks, and other meteorological services. 

Our forecast, outlook, and weather warning services include:

Daily Weather Planner © - A special weather forecast, issued daily by our associated company,  California Weather & Earth Sciences,  for Southern California and for the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area locations, which includes:

     A  two-hour breakdown of predicted clouds, rain, snow, lightning, and wind for the next 36 hours. 

     A  detailed weather outlook for the next 7 days, including ultraviolet index, relative humidity, and fire danger.

     A  general outlook through 18 days.  Tailored to all activities from  Construction, Roofing, Excavation, and  Paving, 

     to  Fire Authorities and Law Enforcement,  to  School Activities and  Recreation.

Film Production Forecasts:  Site-Specific Forecasts for Film Companies on Location:  All of the features of the Daily Weather Planner ©, but more detailed and specifically targeted to individual filming locations, often with a ONE-HOUR breakdown of predicted weather conditions.  Longer-range outlooks for film production locations are also available.

Forecasts for Special Events:  Site-Specific Weather Forecasts for Major Events, such as the Super Bowl, the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl, the BCS Championship, Academy Awards, the Daytime Emmys, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Presidential Inauguration, the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, Miss America Pageant, Boston Fourth of July, the Kennedy Centre Honors, Christmas in Washington, the NFL Kickoffs, Thanksgiving Halftime, New York Times Square New Year's Eve (all supplied by American Weather & Earth Sciences), plus thousands of future outdoor events:

Centennial Celebrations across the U.S. (especially, coming up:  Armistice Day / Veterans' Day November 11, 2018 at Arlington National Cemetery, the World War I Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, and numerous other locations)

Annual Observances (outdoors, subject to weather conditions:  lightning, rain, snow, wind, temperature), e.g.: 

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

New York Easter Parade

Numerous Christmas Parades around the U.S. and Canada.

White House Lighting of the Christmas Tree

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting

Hundreds of Other Outdoor Christmas Festivities, Caroling, and Other Holiday Activities

Hundreds of Outdoor New Year's Eve and New Year's Day Activities, including Bowl Games and Parades

Capitol Fourth Celebration, Independence Day each year, including forecasts of possible lightning (extremely dangerous when fireworks are involved), plus detailed wind profiles, surface to 1,000 feet, for fireworks bursts (strong winds shred the displays)

Hundreds of Other Outdoor July 4 Celebrations, including lightning and detailed wind forecasts for fireworks

December 7 each year at the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor

Annual Memorial Day and Veterans' Day at Arlington National Cemetery and Outdoor Stadium

Martin Luther King Day in Atlanta and elsewhere

Selma, Alabama and Other Annual Commemorative Civil Rights Marches

White House Turkey Pardoning

Canada Day Holiday, July 1 Each Year.  Fireworks are set off throughout Canada (lightning and wind important for safety)

Annual Calgary Stampede

Hundreds of Rodeos throughout the U.S. and Canada, many of them annual

Pioneer Day Parades in numerous Utah locations July 24 each year

Numerous Other Annual State Parades and Celebrations

Hundreds of Outdoor Inaugurations (governors, mayors, and other officials), plus Political Rallies and Campaign Events.

Thousands of other outdoor events. 

Specifically Tailored Forecasts and Outlooks for U.S. Border security operations, plus Agriculture, Wineries, Sports Teams, Outdoor Concerts, Parades, Rodeos, Fireworks Displays, Political Rallies, Festivals, Fiestas, Farmers' Markets, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs, Class Reunions, Law Enforcement, Ski Resorts, Summer Camps, Religious Conferences and Retreats, plus numerous other events and applications.

Seasonal and Multi-Seasonal Weather Outlooks:  Outlooks for U.S. and local areas from two weeks to more than twelve months, including special outlooks associated with El Niño, La Niña, Pacific Decadal Oscillation, and other multi-year hemispheric oscillations.  Included in our outlooks are site-specific outlooks for individual locations, plus regional maps of much  above,  above,  near,  below,  and  much  below  normal  temperature and precipitation for the next month, each of the next three months, each of the next four or more quarters, or other specified periods.

Offering:  Specialized weather forecasts and long-range (from monthly to multi-year) computer-modeled weather outlooks to insurance companies and to major environmental, agriculture, mining, renewable energy, and seawater desalination projects, plus engineering and construction mega-projects around the world.  (Call (800) 843-7246.)

Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts for specific stations or locations, or as maps over specified regions for given time periods. 

Global Warming Climate Change Modeling: Climate modeling of the effects of global warming (or cooling) for locations and regions in the U.S. and around the world, from one year to many decades, prepared by our weather modeling specialists. These are based upon his complete global thermo-haline ocean-ice-atmosphere circulation models, plus volcanic eruptions (which usually result in global cooling) and solar variations (like what we have been seeing lately, which appear to be somewhat similar to the Maunder Minimum of approximately 1645-1715 -- which, in turn, is likely to have been a major factor in the intensification of the Little Ice Age, which ran from roughly 1500 to 1850 and reached its peak in the late 17th Century).

Certified Weather Observations  for film production, U.S. Border security operations,  and various outdoor events and activities, including documentation by certified observers for weather insurance.  [See  Weather Observers ]

Weather and Flood Alerts of the potential for heavy rain or snow, strong winds, lightning, hail, and/or unusually high or low temperatures at specific sites, for  U.S. Border security operations and many other applications .  [See  Weather Alerts and Warning Systems ]


For more information about these services and other programs:

Telephone:  American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC  (800) 843-7246 or (760) 684-5761

FAX:  (760) 868-8699


Contact, billing, and payment address:

Philip K. Barone, Administrator

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